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Navin Prakash is a poet, an activist, a public speaker and a mentor to those preparing for India’s toughest examination –UPSC. While a student’s leader ( in Delhi) he spoke extensively on the cons of the CSAT paper and how it would be unfair for the students preparing in remote areas of our country or for those who are not well versed in English. His earnest zeal to repeal the CSAT paper made him participate as a panelist in “The Newshour Debate “on Times Now and other news channels. Finally his efforts paid off when the CSAT paper was made a qualifying one.The stage is the place where he is most comfortable, where others mostly feel daunted. Those that have heard him speak say that he was born for the stage. His students admire him because of his positive aura, as not even an ounce of demotivation can be generated out of him. He understands the spirit of a student very well and deals with him/ her accordingly. At present he is working with the UPSC aspirants in Kolkata because he feels that students belonging to this part of the country have a lot of potential to shine in national level examinations but are in need of proper guidance. According to him in the initial years of the Civil Service exams people from the eastern part of the country emerged as toppers but over the years people making it to the merit list has reduced drastically because there is a tremendous lack of awareness and guidance and people are unable to keep up with the ever changing syllabus of UPSC.

On a whole this man may appear to be a wisp of a person with a tiny frame but he is no less than a messiah for his students and those that have interacted with him from close quarters— "A picture speaks for itself , what learned exposition does it need ? The paper on which it is painted is only its outer garment: it tells its own tale indeed."